Our Story

Northwest Community Church Is Now Northwest Harvest Church

Our first public worship service was held on February 4, 2001. That Sunday, one of our founding members had a vision. She saw a huge white tent that was open on all sides, like a canopy. People were entering from all sides to worship together. As the worship ascended, the tent would billow up like a parachute and the face of Jesus was visible from the sky looking downward. She felt that the vision meant that we would be a place of His Presence. That as we worshipped, Jesus would be revealed in our region and God would be glorified. The fact that there were no sides to the tent meant that we would be a place of access to the Presence of God for all, just like the Tabernacle of David was, during the reign of King David.

She saw this tent situated along Highway 18 in her vision. Years later, when we found the property that was later to become our church home, we remembered this final caveat to her vision. It became a confirmation for us that we had found the right place. Our church is located on Highway 18 in McMinnville.

Northwest Harvest Church started in a home with a small group of people praying for our region every Friday night for over a year before we ever met on a Sunday morning. It began with two families praying together for revival in the Northwest. They were soon joined by others with a like heart to see God move in our region. Eventually we met for public meetings at the Red Lion Hotel and later at a local school gymnasium in McMinnville.

The year before we purchased our property, a friend of our church family prophesied that we would be in our own building within 12 months. We moved into our church building exactly one year later on Sunday, May 5, 2008.

In the Summer of 2013 we made a decision to change the name of our church to Northwest Harvest Church. So many prophetic words about the Northwest have focused on an incredible outpouring and harvest of souls. They have become more frequent in recent years. We have felt it is our responsibility to align ourselves with the word of the Lord for our region and agree with Heaven for Revival in the Northwest.