Our Mission

Northwest Harvest Church is a family of Believers whose purpose is to create a place for the Presence of God to dwell (Eph. 2:20-22). Through the development of meaningful relational connections, worship, service and supernatural encounters we help people experience the fullness of God. Our goal is to transform the culture of our region through the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord,  fully displaying the beauty and love of Jesus Christ on earth.

We are seeing Heaven come to Earth as we passionately pursue God’s Presence. We desire to demonstrate what God’s love looks like by releasing divine strategies that set people free and leave a supernatural legacy for future generations.

We are committed to the restoration of individuals, marriages and families as we extravagantly serve others in our region and in the nations of the world.


The mission of Northwest Harvest Church is:

To proclaim the Gospel clearly and with signs and wonders, declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ to our county, state and the nations of the world.

To establish and maintain an atmosphere of passionate worship in our congregation, so we can experience and celebrate the goodness of His Divine Presence individually and together.

To provide opportunities for people to encounter the transforming power of God’s love through personal experience and faith.
To pastor and bless our community through acts of service and demonstrations of God’s love that include prayer, instruction in faith and ministry to spiritual concerns.

To equip Believers for victorious living and powerful ministry, so they become a vital resource for spiritual and practical help, encouragement and leadership in our community and region.

To restore broken lives to the original design and destiny God intended for us all to experience and through which we can declare His glory in the earth.