Our Vision

Our vision is what fulfilling our mission looks like in a practical way. We want the Northwest to see the Glory of God through the Church.

We believe that the visible power of God is an essential ingredient to fulfilling our purpose. We welcome the work of the Holy Spirit among us, in us and through us as we obey God to fulfill our purpose.


1.    Presence- By hosting worship times that lead to encounters with God and providing instruction in a Spiritual Life we are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere charged with the Presence of God.

2.    Restoration- By operating all of our ministries and classes with ongoing activation of the Gifts of the Spirit and the resources Jesus paid for with His life, we release ever increasing personal transformation that leads to Spiritual Freedom and a renewed mind.

3.    Family- By Providing opportunities to develop life-giving relational connections through small groups and Christian fellowship we represent God’s unconditional love in our region.

4.    Harvest- We are releasing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by loving all men, freely giving of His Spirit wherever we go and proclaiming the message of New Life through Jesus Christ. We are equipping the Saints to extend the Kingdom of God around the world and bring honor to the name of King Jesus.